Hi there, welcome to Gold Standard, a litte tribute to Carl of Meet the Robinsons! Carl is a lovable and loyal robot who would do anything for his family, and is just one of many fantastic characters in this optimistic yet sadly underrated Disney flick. He's always been a favorite of mine, and I decided one day to make something for him to show my appreciation. This website is the result!

GS was made as part of the annual One Page, One Month marathon at the Amassment fansite community. So everything is right here on this page; just keep scrolling! Please note that there are unmarked spoilers for the movie in this site. (It's nearly ten years old, and it's amazing, so watch it already if you haven't!!) Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. :)

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meet the robinsons

Meet the Robinsons is a Disney animated film that was released in 2007. It is based on the book A Day with Wilbur Robinson, by William Joyce. I have not read the book yet, so I do not know how much of a difference there is between it and the film. However, knowing Disney, I'm sure there is a contrast.

The story follows a young orphan boy named Lewis, who has a penchant for inventing. Lewis invents a machine that replays a person's memories, in the hopes that he can see his birth mother from when he was a baby. Unfortunately, his invention is sabotaged by a man in a bowler hat. A devastated Lewis is then told that this man is from the future, and the person who tells him this is a boy named Wilbur Robinson, who is also from the future. To stop Bowler Hat Guy's evil plan to destroy Lewis's life, Lewis must travel to the future with Wilbur and fix the time machine owned by Wilbur's father. In the process, Lewis learns two important things: what it feels like to have a family, and that you must always keep moving forward. In doing so, he secures for himself the brightest of futures and lets go of the past.

an intro to carl

Carl is a supporting character in Meet the Robinsons. He is a robot and was created by Cornelius Robinson, head of the Robinson family and father to Wilbur Robinson. Despite being a robot, Carl is full of personality and is just as much a member of the family as any human. Carl shows himself to be humorous, brave, and loyal, and he has an understanding of trust and love. He even displays insecurity in his appearance! Additionally, he does do helper-like things, such as serving the family their meals and keeping hold of invention blueprints.

He might not be a major or main character, but Carl has a decent amount of screentime and contributes a lot of humor and heart to the story. As fas as robots go, he is anything but a cookie-cutter character.

some facts

• Inside Carl's torso is an extra arm as well as many smaller Carls, which help him serve dinner. (They may possibly perform other tasks, too, but this is all we see them do.)
• Carl is voiced by Harland Williams.
• A couple of prototypes of Carl can be seen at the end of the movie in Lewis/Cornelius's room.

as a robot

how he is as a robot

Carl does not fit the usual image of a robot. He is not a machine that follows a rigid order and only does as he is told. Nor does he move around in a robotic way or speak in a monotone voice/manner. He has a mind of his own, and if he weren't a robot, you'd swear he has a heart, too. Carl displays a wide variety of emotions, from panic to silliness to love. He is best friends with his creator's son and has a good relationship with the rest of the Robinson clan as well. He cares for his family so much that he will jump into battle with them against a dinosaur that just appears out of nowhere. (But this is where his being a robot is put to use, as he can extend his arms and legs to help trip said dino.)

as a non-human robinson

Carl is a non-human member of the Robinson clan. However, this is not especially weird or odd. For one thing, a great deal of the human members of the family are eccentric and stand out all on their own. For another, it IS the future, and robots are not a strange thing anymore in this time period. (When you consider the bubble transportation, pizza delivery flying saucers, and singing frogs, a robot is actually quite normal.) And lastly, Carl is not the only member of the family who is not human. The Robinson house is also home to a dog and a giant squid, as well as Frannie's frogs and eventually even the dinosaur. While the dog is fairly normal - aside from the fact that he wears glasses - and pretty much acts as a dog, the squid is a different story; he serves as a butler to the family. The frogs are a form of entertainment and something of an experiment, and the dinosaur would likely be treated as a pet. Of all those non-human Robinsons, the squid is the one with which Carl has the most in common, as they both serve the family in some way.

At the end of the day, the entire Robinson family is unconventional. Carl may be a robot, but he is no less a member of the household and fits right in with them.

little buddy

Carl and Wilbur have a close relationship, and it's safe to say the two are best buddies. Carl and Cornelius do not share much screen time, but as Cornelius created Carl and Carl tells Lewis (who is Cornelius, of course) that he loves him, I would venture those two are very close as well. That being said, it seems natural that Carl would become very good friends with his creator's mischievous son. In a deleted scene, which you can view here if you wish, we get an even better look at the two's relationship. In the scene we find out that Wilbur plays to Carl's weakness, which is their close relationship, and is able to get him to go along with his plan of having Lewis fix the time machine. I think this is really excellent scene, and I wish it could have been put in the movie (it was left out for time reasons), as it shows just how close Carl and Wilbur are and that they have a habit of getting into trouble together. Even without this partiular bit, though, there is a lot of interaction between the two. Carl may be apprehensive of Wilbur's plans, but he backs him nonetheless. Isn't that what a real friend would do? The two ultimately have a great relationship and one can only imagine how many more adventures they'll get into after the time machine debacle.

compared to doris

DOR-15, or Doris, is another robot who was created by Cornelius Robinson. She is not a conventional one, though, as she is not humanoid in appearance but rather takes the form of (and basically is) a hat. Like a robot, she was made to help humans. But Doris took on a mind of her own and did not want to do humans' bidding, so she went rogue against her creator. This is obviously quite a contrast from Carl, who has nothing but love and loyalty for Cornelius. Carl was a success, while Doris... not so much. Carl is a helper and a good guy in the movie, and Doris is ultimately the villain of the movie. Even their colors are contrasting; Doris is black, a color often associated with evil, while Carl is gold, a bright and cheerful color that also is associated with positive things such as justice and (as previously mentioned) success.

Carl and Doris may both be robots, but they are very different. Though they share the trait of having their own mind and personalities, that is where they split. And because of the path she chose, Doris's evil intent led to her demise when Lewis decided he was never going to invent her. I like that this brings up another contrast between Doris and Carl in that Lewis promises Carl he will definitely make him.

site info

Gold Standard was opened July 01, 2016. It was made as a part of Amassment's One Page, One Month marathon. I wanted to make something for Carl for a while beforehand, so this marathon was the perfect opportunity to do so.

I named the site "Gold Standard" because, well, Carl is gold (lol) and he really is a great example of a robot. He adds so much to an already wonderful movie, and I love him for it.

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